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You want a workout routine but there are thousands to choose from and they are all different in one way or another. So what one do you pick?

I have created this page for you to build your own workout for FREE and help you with your first steps towards fitness in a few easy steps

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All of them thousands of workout routines have 1 thing in common. They are all working a certain muscle at certain times over a week and this is the confusing part. What to do? How many times? How often? and when?

So, I have created an A4 size file for each main muscle you will work on showing you what to do with what equipment and how many times you can do that exercise in a week (some exercises can not be done 2 days running because the muscle needs time to heal)

All you have to do is print them off  or copy the image to your device so you can access them whenever you need to and decide what days you want to do them.

You can also use the back of the print off to keep track on what weight you are lifting for that exercise.


Build your own workout example


Watch this quick video to help you decide which kind of training you want to be doing!

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Over time I will create more A4 files giving you more options for your routine.
You may already be doing some muscle zones and just want to add more to your routine.

Click image so full size image pops up..
right click on large image..
click save image as…
the image will now save to your computer ready to print or view after.

For mobile devices save image as you normally would.

Sometimes your pop up blocker will stop the image popping up so you may have to hold down Ctrl key then click on the image.


Core Workout sheet  leg workout sheet shoulders and lat workout


tricep bicep workout sheet Chest Workout sheet cardio workouts sheet

Treadmill butt workout upper body iBoxingRound workoutpartner 30 day squat workout

Try iBoxingRounds for free, Download and put on your MP3 player.

iBoxingRounds is an upper body cardio punch bag workout created by Fitness1stSteps. If you have a punch bag then this is a must have, it will push you to build stamina, power and tone up the upper body muscles, it is also a great way to help your body stay flexible if you are doing plenty of weight lifting. For more info visit the-


As soon as I get more time I will be posting more workout routines here for you to add to your workout.

build your own workout 3

Now you have your workout sheets its time you got on with your workout! Let me know how you get on via the Fitness1stSteps Facebook page on the left or send me an Email.

It’s always great to hear from the people I am helping out!

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