Diet Swaps

Here are some great diet swaps that will really make a difference to your life!

diet swaps fitness 1st steps

  1. SWAP white bread FOR any type of brown bread.
  2. SWAP full FAT milk FOR semi skimmed or skimmed.
  3. SWAP a full English breakfast FOR 2 poached Eggs + 2 lean bacon slices and 2 brown toast without butter.
  4. SWAP all sugary drinks FOR Sugar free, diet or no added sugar drinks. 
  5. SWAP some of your carb portion ( potatoes, rice or pastas)  FOR more veg or salad.
  6. SWAP sugar in tea or coffee FOR sweeteners.
  7. SWAP potatoes FOR sweet potatoes.
  8. SWAP rice or pasta FOR bean sprouts.
  9. SWAP chips FOR roasted sweet potatoes.
  10. SWAP cream cheese FOR cottage cheese.
  11. SWAP biscuits FOR a healthy oat cake.
  12. SWAP a daytime snack FOR a piece of fruit.
  13. SWAP the frying pan FOR the grill.

Print this off and stick it on your fridge for a couple of weeks to help you remember the diet swaps. Click on image below to open full image then right click and save as to your device then print.

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